Zoner Photo Studio Professional: An Overview

Zoner Photo Studio Professional is powerful software for managing, editing and sharing digital photos. The software has a variety of features and tools for editing as well as for creating panoramic shots, HDR photos and also 3D images.

Editing Features

Zoner Photo Studio Professional has a Quick Fix feature for fast editing and improving your shots. For advanced editing, there is a Levels tool which lets you work with color histograms to get the right color level. For getting precise levels of exposure and color tones, there is Curves Tool for fine adjustments. There are host of other tools which will give you control over the shadows, brightness and contrast levels, hues and sharpness of the image. The software also includes a powerful RAW module where you can process photos in any possible RAW format.

Management Features

Zoner has an efficient management system with various features by which you can archive and retrieve your photos easily. All metadata of each photo is stored and can be tracked. You also have the ability to label your photos and put whatever information you desire. The software has automatic sorting and a Catalog feature which will get your images organized without much effort. You can also link your photos to maps with supported GPS data.

Publishing and Sharing Features

Zoner Photo Studio Professional lets you print your photos in many styles including contact sheets and calendars. You can also make your layout of multiple photos on a single sheet. For storing on DVDs and CDs, you can directly burn your gallery from the program and also create slideshows and presentations.

A wizard in the software lets you directly create web galleries which you preview in your browser and then upload to a website through FTP. All images can be optimized for email, social networking sites or a PDF presentation.