Zoner Photo Studio Home Edition: An Overview

Zoner Photo Studio Home Edition gives you complete control over your collection of digital photos. It allows you to acquire photos from your digital camera as well as from a scanner. It also makes the task of sorting, organizing and browsing through your digital photos a lot easier. This amazing software helps you to personalize and improve your photos by making it easy to use special effects on your digital memories.

Organizing Photos

With this software, you will gain complete control over your digital pictures. If you have a huge collection of photos, you can easily organize them with Zoner Photo Studio. It helps you create, store and keep track of all the metadata that is embedded in your digital pictures. It also helps you label your pictures by giving them names and dates and other information. It will also search and filter your pictures so that finding them becomes very easy.

Editing Your Pictures

This software has a number of tools that will help you improve your digital pictures. Quick Fix Tool is an excellent example of the type of tools this software puts at your disposal. Levels tool provides you with an excellent means of manually working with your picture histograms.


When you shoot photographs, you will certainly want to share them with others. Zoner offers you many different tools to help you share and publish your photographs. You can print photos in different ways, and you can create your web galleries and even burn your photos to CDs as well as to DVDs.