Xenofex: Customizing Settings

Alien Skin Xenofex provides 16 excellent filters for giving various graphical effects to your digital images. The filters have a set of presets as well as manual controls to adjust the various aspects of the filter. When you manually adjust a filter, you are creating a new setting and this can be saved for future use. The Settings menu of each filter enables you to customize your settings and save them.

Customizing Settings in Xenofex

Each filter has controls under the Basic and Lighting tab. You can adjust these controls and create a new setting.

Saving a Setting

Once you have adjusted the controls and created a new setting for a filter, you may want to save it for future use. To do this, click on the Settings menu button and select Save. In the box which appears, give a contextual name for your new setting. You can use alphabets as well as numbers. Click on the OK button. Now your new customized settings will be saved under the name you have just provided. This name will be now included in the Settings menu and you can access it by clicking on it.

Renaming or Deleting a Customized Setting

If you are not satisfied with the name you have given to a customized setting, go to the Settings menu and select Rename. Type the new name. For deleting a customized setting, select Manage from the Settings menu. Then, select the setting and click on Delete.