Xenofex: Affecting Lighting

Xenofex from Alien Skin is a set of sophisticated filters to create various graphic effects on your images. Each filter has a number of presets or you can also adjust the controls under the Basic and Lighting tabs to get the look you want. One of the important aspects of the filters is lighting, and this can be adjusted with the various controls given under the Lighting tab of each filter. The lighting controls might differ slightly according to the features of the particular filter. Here are the various controls which are responsible for affecting lighting in the filter.

Direction of Light

The direction of light falling on a selected part of your image can be controlled and changed. To change the direction of light, go to the Lighting Control box and the process involves mainly clicking and dragging in the required area. Alternately, you can specify a numerical value indicating the degree at which you want the light to fall.

Brightness Controls

The intensity of brightness can be controlled for the areas which are highlights. You can also control the size of the area under highlights.

Contrast Controls

Certain filters have contrast controls in their Lighting tab. This will give you control over diminishing or boosting the lighting effect over the area, making it milder or harsher.

Darkening Controls

Depending on the filter, there might be areas like cracks and crevices which are generally dark. The amount of darkness of these areas can be increased or decreased.