Xara Xtreme: Outlining Text

Out of the may photo manipulation and graphic design software available, one of the best you can find is the Xara Xtreme. This open source vector illustration software has enough attributes and features for it to be among the top graphics software on the market today. Moreover, it’s not heavy to use, as it is made especially for UNIX platforms.

Linux users will find that they can benefit greatly from this versatile software. Many designs and artwork can be created on the Xara Xtreme, and it has enough add-ons that give room for flexible creativity. One of the features you may find yourself using is the text outline. When creating your design, you might want to outline your texts to make it pop out more. Here’s how you can do it on the Xara Xtreme:

Step 1: Prepare Your Text

Just create a new document, and either import your sample, or type in a new text. Make sure that the Text Options button is activated. From here, you can also manipulate your text in terms of font and size. 

Step 2: Create Outline

Once done, click on the Text Options button. On the pop-up window, select the Outline button. This is found beside the Bold and Italics button options. Press OK, and your text outline is done.