Xara Xtreme: How to Feather Photos

Xara Xtreme has very straightforward tools to feather photos. Feathering in this case means blurring the edges so that they blend in better with their surroundings. This feature is useful not only for photos, but also for any bitmap shape. This tutorial, however, is going to look at how to use feather on photos.

Step 1: Arrange Your photo

Once you have decided which photo you want to feather, place it on whatever you want to blend the photo into. It can be a decorative frame or it can be a photo collage.

Step 2: Feather the photo

Next, select only the photo using the selector tool. Once you have done that, the feathering slider should become available to you. The slider has a range of 1 to 50 pixels. This defines how much of the photo will be blurred. Start dragging the slider while looking at your photo and stop when you think you have achieved the right amount of fading.

Step 3: Choose Feather Amount

Depending on the size of your photo, too much feathering can actually render the photo barely visible. If you are using it for simple framing purposes, a feather of about 15-20 pixels should be enough. Choose smaller numbers for smaller photos to avoid obscuring them.

Step 4: Customize Your Feather

The normal feather will gradually fade the photo from inwards to outwards. But, if you want to control how the edges are faded to achieve interesting effects, you can open up the Xara profiles dialog box by clicking on the arrow beside the feather slider. Here, you will have a graph line that will allow you to tweak and change the feathering rate. Tweak the two sliders till you have exactly what you were looking for.