Xara Xtreme: Filling in Color with the Color Editor

While working in Xara Xtreme with objects that can be filled with color, you can change the fill color using one of two ways — the fill tool and the Color Editor. This tutorial will show you how to change the fill color with the color editor. For this tutorial, you should have some kind of shape drawn beforehand to try out the steps yourself.

Step 1: Select Your Shape

Once you have drawn a shape, select it with the normal selector tool and look towards the lower left corner of the software window. You will see that the current fill color is indicated by a square area of the same color. Click on this area to bring up the Color Editor.

Step 2: Working with the Color Editor

The Color Editor is a normal color palette tool that allows you to select the exact shade of color that you are looking for. You will have various color modes to choose from, such as HSV, RGB and CMYK. But, for general purpose use, all you have to do is slide the horizontal color strip to the main color that you are looking for and then customize the lightness/darkness of the color on the larger square area on top of the horizontal strip. Your selected shape will reflect the changes made in the color editor as soon as they are made to help you choose your color in one go.

Step 3: Using Color Editor in Advance

You can also choose your fill color before the shape is drawn. To do this, make the color change in the color editor as described in step 2 but do it right before your draw your shape. Then, the new shape will be filled with the new color as your draw it.