Xara Web Designer: Using the Text Tool

The Text Tool on Xara Web Designer allows you to add and edit text to your web page so that it meets the desired requirements. The Text Tool is simple and easy to use if you follow the steps listed below.

Selecting a Background Template

The first thing you need to do when creating a web page using Xara Web Designer is to select a background design for your page. To do this, select ‘file’ from the menu bar followed by ‘new from design gallery.’ A selection of different designs will be shown. Choose your theme by clicking a folder. You will then be provided with various thumbnails providing samples of each page. You can view a larger version of a thumbnail by clicking on it to open it on your Xara Web Designer page.

The Text Tool

To add or edit text on your page, you must select the ‘text’ tool from the side menu. The ‘text’ tool is an icon picturing a large letter ‘T.’ You can select this tool by clicking on it using your mouse.

Editing Text

To edit text that is already on your screen, you simply need to click on the text and type the desired information that you require. This will change automatically.

Adding Text

To create new text, you must first create a text box. You must then click on the text box and enter the text you require.

Formatting Text

You can edit the font, color and size of the text using the tools on the top menu bar.

Correcting Mistakes

You can undo text by clicking on the ‘undo’ button at the top of the page. This is a blue curved arrow.

You should now be ready to use Xara Web Designer. To find out additional information on using Xara Web Designer, simply click on the help section.