Xara Web Designer: How to Resize a Page

Xara Web Designer allows you to create and edit web pages using a range of simple tools and techniques. This article explains how to resize your web page design.

Step 1: Selecting a Background Page

The first thing you need to do when creating a web page using Xara Web Designer is to select a background design for your page. To do this, select ‘file’ from the menu bar followed by ‘new from design gallery’. A selection of different designs will be shown. Choose your theme by clicking a folder. You will then be provided with various thumbnails providing samples of each page. You can view a larger version of a thumbnail by clicking on it to open it on your Xara Web Designer page.

Step 2: Resizing Your Page Features

You can edit the design of your page on Xara Web Designer by simply selecting items and using your mouse to drag the item to a desired place. You must ensure that the selection tool is in operation before doing this. To operate the selection tool, click the small arrow on the side menu bar. You can also edit the size of the items by dragging the corners of the item until it reaches the appropriate size. You can select more than one item to edit by clicking the ‘shift’ key on your keyboard and using your mouse to click on all of the items you want to select.

Step 3: Editing the Background Size

By clicking on the background of your page, you are able to alter the size or move the background to a more appropriate place. When you click on the background, small squares will appear at the corners and center. Simply click one of the squares and drag to edit the width or length of the background.

Step 4: Viewing Your Current Page

To view your current page as a web page, simply click on ‘file’ from the menu bar, followed by ‘preview website’. This option will allow you to view your page as it will look online and make any changes required.

You now know the basics and are ready to get started using Xara Web Designer.