Xara Web Designer: Flowing Text Around Objects

Xara Web Designer is the sophisticated website designing software which lets you create some stunning web pages. The features and tools of this software make designing and editing a web page quite a simple task. One of the features of the software is that it can make text repel around objects like photos or shapes on a web page. The following describes how to use this feature to make text flow around objects on your page.

Step 1: Select the Object

Load the page you want to edit in your work area by clicking on File and selecting the required file. For this example, you'll select a PNG image and drag and drop it on the web page. This image will have transparency and when you drag it around the page, you will see that the text is going under the part of the main photo, which is not transparent.

Step 2: Make the Text Flow around the Image

Right click on the PNG image and from the menu which pops up, select "Repel text under". This will open the "Text repelling properties" box where you need to specify the margin of empty space you need to keep around the photo. The numeric value you choose will be in pixels. Then, click the Repel button. Now when you drag the photo around, you will see that the text is being repelled by a certain margin around the photo. The same procedure will also work for graphic images and photos, irrespective of their shape.

Step 3: Points to Remember

Text will flow around the selected object only if it is on top of the text. To make sure of this, click on Arrange in the top menu bar and select "Bring to Front". Another point is that text will be repelled only from text boxes and text columns and will not repel Simple text in single lines, like in headings.