Xara Designer: Using the Quick Shapes Tool

The Xara Designer Quick Shapes Tool has a range of preset shapes that can be created quickly and easily. The shapes can be regular shapes, such as squares and circles, but you can also choose stars or polygons from the menu.

Step 1: Selecting a Shape

For the first step, you must open up the Xara Designer Quick Shapes Tool and select the shape that you want to create. You can select your shape using the side menu or the menu along the top. Simply click on the required shape tab and draw it onto the page, using your mouse.

Step 2: Selecting the Number of Sides

To edit the number of sides on your shape, you may select the number from a drop down menu, which is located along the top bar beside the ‘size and rotation’ drop down menu.

Step 3: Choosing the Number of Corners

You may change the corners of the shape from pointed to round by clicking on the ‘corner’ icon, which is located next to the ‘star’ icon.

Step 4: Editing the Shape’s Outline

To edit the outline of the shape you have chosen, you must click on the corners of the shape. Drag the corners to the desired location and the shape will be deformed. A blue line will appear when you drag the corners of your shape to demonstrate what it will look like. The shape will not be edited until you remove your finger from the mouse button.

Step 5: Restoring the Original Shape

You can restore the features of your original shape by clicking the ‘restore’ button located next to the ‘sides’ tab.

You are now able to operate the basic features of the Xara Designer Quick Shapes Tool. More information on the additional features of the Xara Designer Quick Shapes Tool can be found by clicking on the help section of the Xara Designer.