Xara Designer: Using the Pen Tool

The Xara Designer Pen Tool allows you to create shapes using straight lines. It is a very simple tool to use. By simply clicking on the screen, the lines are created for you. All you require to use the Pen Tool is your mouse.

Step 1: Selecting the Pen Tool

You must first open up Xara Designer and select the Pen Tool from the side menu. The Pen Tool is an icon of a pen with a straight line below and two dots at each side of the line.

Step 2: Choosing a Starting Point

You must select the starting point for your shape. To select the starting point, simply click on the screen using your mouse. A dot will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Connecting the Lines

You must then decide where you want the line to go. Once you have identified the direction of the line, you can click on the screen. A second dot will appear and the line will connect the first dot you made with the second. You can continue to do this until you have completed your shape.

Step 4: Making the Lines Curve

To make a line curve, select the point of your next line and click on it the same way as you would when creating a straight line. When you click, rather than letting go of the mouse, you must hold your mouse button down and drag the line to the position you require. A blue line will appear to demonstrate how your curved line will look once you let go of the mouse button. The line does not curve until you have removed your finger from the mouse.

Step 5: Closing the Object

To close your object, you must click back on the starting point. This will seal your object and shade in your shape. You now have all the basic information you require to start using the Xara Designer Pen Tool. Further information and instructions can be found in the help section of Xara Designer.