Xara Designer: Using Grids and Guides

Xara Designer is a resource to support you in creating items of a specific size on your computer. Xara Designer uses grids and rulers to help ensure that the shape you create is the required size.

You should follow the steps below to understand the basic procedures of using Xara Designer.

Step 1: Using the Ruler

To open up the ruler display, you should select it from the menu. To display the ruler, click on ‘window’, followed by ‘bars’ and finally ‘rulers’. 

Step 2: Using the Grid

To display the grid, you need to select ‘window’ again, followed by ‘show grid’.

Step 3: Snapping Your Graphic to the Grid

You can set your graphics to meet each grid line. To do this, select ‘window’ followed by ‘snap to grid’. This ensures that when you move your graphic, it will move to the nearest grid line, making it easier to measure.

Step 4: Editing the Measurements on Your Grid or Ruler

To change the settings of your grid or ruler to match the measurements or shapes that you require, simply select ‘utilities’ from the menu, followed by ‘options’. A box will appear on your screen with a range of tabs. Select ‘grids and rulers’, and you can change the settings to match your requirements. Remember to click ‘apply’ when you have chosen your settings.

You can now move your image to the size you require, using the ruler or grid. Remember to save your image when you have finished so that your graphic is not lost. Xara Designer offers many more features, such as adding text to your graphic, changing colors and selecting different shapes. You should use the ‘help’ feature of Xara Designer to learn more about the features offered.