Xara Designer: Understanding Clip View

Clip View is a resource that allows you to create patterns and shapes using a quick and easy method. Clip View is a good resource for designing items, such as party invitations, birthday cards and even wrapping paper. The bright colors and shapes make the program and the creations appealing and fun.

The steps are simple to create documents using Clip View. Simply follow the directions below to create your document.

Choosing a Background Window

Open up Clip View and select a large basic shape that you want to use as the background to your design. You can also edit the color and size of the shape by selecting ‘format’ from the menu at the top of the page.

Selecting the Shapes

Next, select the shapes you would like to show on your document. You can choose to have the shape fully on show by placing the whole shape inside the background shape, or you can place half of the shape outside of the background shape.

Applying Click View

To view your design, select all of your objects by holding down the ctrl button on your keyboard and clicking the objects, using your mouse. Select ‘arrange’ from the menu at the top of the page, followed by ‘apply Click View’. All shapes that have been placed on the background shape will show, and any sections of the shapes that have been placed outside of the background shape will no longer be visible.

Moving the Shapes

To move the shape about, click the shape using your mouse. You will then be able to move the shape to the position you prefer. To move the objects within the window shape, you must click the Clip View and select the keyhole in the center of the screen. Objects can then be moved to a more suitable position.

Correcting Mistakes

To remove a design, simply click ‘arrange’ from the menu and select ‘remove’. You are now ready to create your designs and have fun.