Xara Designer: Tinting Colors

Xara Designer is the most complete package available in the Xara range. This contains all of the features of the photo editor and also the web designer. Because of this, it is possible to create high quality websites in a matter of minutes. The interface is very easy to get used to, and it shouldn't take you long to get the hang of it.

This tutorial will show you how to use tints in your designs to make them look much better. Tints are where a certain color is applied in a transparent layer over the top of a page of image. Xara makes it very simple to use these tints and when used properly, they can make your site look much more professional.

Step 1: Loading Xara Designer

First, you should load Xara designer. To do this, click on the start button on your computer and select Xara Designer. Then, you can either create a new project or load a project that you have already been working on.

Step 2: Selecting the Object

You need to select the object that you want to apply the tint to and set the parent color. The parent color is the main color of the shape or object. If you haven't already got any objects on your canvas, then you should create one now. For example, select the shape tool and drag out a shape on your canvas.

Step 3: Changing the Color

Click the button down the bottom of the screen to select the color editor. This will display a separate dialog box where you can set the color of the selected object or shape. Click on the advanced option and then select the "Tint of another Color". Select the parent color and adjust the Tint. Choose one of the named colors or alternatively use the eye dropper tool to select the color. The tint value can be adjusted by either entering a different percentage value or alternatively dragging the slider in the color changer options.

When using tints, the hue and value remain fixed. The only setting adjusted is the saturation which basically means that the color can only be made lighter. If you are trying to make it darker, then you can achieve this by using Shade of a color rather than a tint. This allows you to control the hue, which makes the color darker.

Step 4: Changing Tints and Shades

The advantage of using tints and shades of parent colors is that the colors become linked. This makes it very simple to be able to adjust all of the colors at the same time. A new color can be created for the car which can then be changed. If you have a blue object, and then change the parent colors, then the linked colors will also adjust.

The tint values will stay as they were originally set. This makes it very easy to adjust all the colors of a project in one go.