Xara Designer: Panorama Stitch Tool

A panorama photo can provide a more precise image of a stunning scene and allow you to capture more of it in one photograph. You can take a panorama photo using any normal camera with a panoramic option. The photograph will be taken in 3 separate shots, allowing you to capture a great view. When taking your photo, you need to include as much of the subject as you can; however, don’t worry about overlapping any of the scene in different shots, as this can be corrected using a panoramic photo stitch, such as the Xara Designer: Panorama Stitch Tool. The Xara Designer: Panorama Stitch Tool offers one of the easiest and quickest methods of stitching your images.

To use the Panorama Stitch Tool to stitch your panorama photo, follow these very simple steps.

Uploading Photos to Use in Xara Designer

The first step you must take is to upload your photos from your camera to your computer. Once you have opened Xara Designer, simply place the photograph onto the page.

Placing your Photo on the Page

The panorama photo will be in three separate parts. You must ensure that you place your photographs in the correct order.

Clicking the Panorama Stitch Button

Once the photos are in the correct order, you simply need to select the panorama stitch button, which will stitch your panorama photo together (leaving no traces of joins). The program automatically detects the joins in your photograph and seals them to create the perfect image.

Saving Your Image

It is now time to save your image to ensure that your new stitched panoramic photograph is not lost. Now that your image has been stitched together, you are able to edit the color and brightness of the image to add to the effect.