Xara Designer: Line Editing with the Shape Editor

The Xara Designer Shape Editor allows you complete control over the shapes and lines in your design. This makes it very simple to create perfect shapes, which are perfectly suited for use in your project. The Shape editor is a useful feature, which makes creating images for your website very simple.

Xara Designer is a powerful image editor which makes designing high quality images or editing photos much simpler than it is with many other applications. Learning how to use the shape editor will make it possible to create some excellent designs.

Step 1: Opening the Shape Editor

The shape editor tool can be selected from the right hand tool palette. By default the shape editor will be the third button down. This gives you a lot of control over a shape or a line. Click on the shape to select it and then drag the control points around. This allows you to position the points in a curve exactly how you want. You can also drag the curve to change the curve itself.

Step 2: Deleting Points

The shape editor also allows you to delete certain points in the curve. To do this, select the point or points that you want to remove and then click the delete button or press delete on your keyboard.

Step 3: Breaking Open Shapes

Lines can be broken open so that you have a single line rather than a solid shape. To do this, click on the point you want to break open and click the button which is the shape of an 'n' to break the shape open.

Step 4: Converting into Lines

Curves can also be changed into lines. Select the points that you want to change by holding down shift and clicking all the points you want to change. Then, click the line button to change it into a series of straight lines. Lines can be converted into curves in the same way.