Xara Designer: Line Editing with the Pen Tool

The Pen Tool in Xara designer to edit existing lines. This makes it very simple to edit, extend and move lines around the screen. Xara designer is a very capable image editor which is perfect for creating all sorts of images and editing your photos. The images you create using this software are suitable for displaying on the Internet or using as part of a desktop publishing project.

Getting to grips with the pen tool will make it much easier to control your lines. This means that you will be able to adjust the lines so that they are perfectly suited to your needs.

Step 1: Opening Xara

The first step is to open Xara Designer on your computer. This is possible by selecting it from the start menu on your computer. With Xara Designer open, start a blank project.

Step 2: Drawing a Line

The first step is to draw a line on your canvas. To do this, select the line tool and draw a line anywhere you want.

Step 3: Adjusting the Line

To adjust the line, use the selector tool and then click on it. With the line selected, you can click the selector point option on the toolbar. Then you can click and drag the control points ot adjust the curves in the line. The control points can also be dragged around to adjust the position of the curve.

Step 4: Extending Lines

If you want to extend the line, then this can be done by selecting the pen tool. First select the line and then click on the pen tool. Click on the end of the line and next time you click, it will extend the line. This means that all of the segments of the line will be joined together.