Xara Designer: Layering Objects

The Xara Designer is a graphic processing software package that is extremely easy to use for novice designers as well as experts. Xara allows the designer to create simple and straightforward illustrations using an easy-to-understand workspace. A unique feature of the software suite is its capability to layer and blend various objects. The following article focuses on layering objects using the Xara Designer.

Step 1: Layering Objects

To layer any objects created in Xara Designer, you will click onto the blend tool and then click on the primary object. You will now drag out a line to the target object. The layering process will be completed instantaneously, and the Xara Designer software suite will generate a series of layering steps automatically.

Step 2: Customizing the Object Layers

You can use the top menu bar to increase or decrease the number of layering steps to change the smoothness of the transition and layering. You may choose to continue the layering process to multiple objects across the screen.

You can also use the position profile button from the top menu to bring up a ‘position profile curve’. This curve can be manipulated by using the sliders provided. You will use the sliders to vary the density of the intermediate layers. The density may either be increased closer to the first object or close to the latter object.

You will use the attribute button to bring up the attribute curve window. Use the sliders to vary the color distribution across the transitory layers.