Xara Designer: How to Use the Free Hand Tool

The Xara Designer is a simple-to-use designing software that provides a range of tools to get the job done, like the free hand tool. It is backed by a comprehensive database of tutorials and support documents, to ensure that even the electronically challenged can find their way around and achieve something with it. The following article focuses on using the Free Hand Tool in the Xara Designer software package.

Step 1: Understanding the Free Hand Tool

The free hand tool is a tool that simply follows the mouse movement (or the free hand) and tries to fit a curve (as smooth as possible) to the traced out path.

Step 2: Using the Free Hand Tool

You can use the free hand tool while holding down the Alt key to draw point-to-point straight lines. Additionally, holding down the shift key will insert the onscreen pencil and allow you to erase the curve or line that was just traced out.

Step 3: Customizing Once You Have Applied the Free Hand Tool

When you trace out a curve and return to the starting point, the curve is auto completed to form a closed curve. You can now use the slider in top menu bar to control the smoothness of the curve.

A low level of curve smoothing will make sure that a large number of points are fitted to the curve. Alternatively, a higher degree of smoothing will ensure that a far less number of points are fitted to the curve traced out by the free hand tool.