Xara Designer: Drawing with the Shape Editor Tool

The Shape Editor Tool in the versatile Xara Designer software can be used simultaneously to edit as well as draw. This is a unique feature as most tools will let you either draw or edit at one time. The following describes how this tool can be used for drawing.

Step 1: Click on the Shape Editor Tool Button

To use the Shape Editor Tool in your work space, click on its button; this is like an inverted S shape in the vertical menu bar on the left. Alternatively, you can click on the F4 key.

Step 2: Choosing the Options

As you click on the button, you will find various options of the Shape Editor Tool in the Infobar. The first two buttons of the options are for drawing curves and straight lines. You change them as you are drawing by clicking C or L.

The next two options will determine how you want your line segments to join. The "Smooth Join" option will make a smooth joint between two connecting segments, so as to make it a curve. The "Cusp Join" option will tend to make in more like a V.

Next is the "Break at Points" option, which lets you break up an outline or a line in as many parts as you want.

Step 3: Drawing

Depending on the options you have selected, you can form a line segment with just two clicks. The anchor point is created with the first click and the next click produces the control point.