Xara Designer: Converting Objects into Editable Shapes

Xara Designer is a pretty simple WYSIWYG editor that is fun to use and has a ton of features that a novice user will surely relish. It is a semi-professional solution to most of your needs. Xara is mostly used by home users, small businesses and newcomers to web designing.

Step 1: Converting the Objects to Editable Shapes

Almost all of the pre-made elements that you use in the XARA designer can almost instantaneously be converted into editable shapes with a few clicks. You will need to navigate to the arrange menu and select the convert to editable shape option. This will convert the images to an editable image pattern that can be treated and edited just like any other ordinary shape in the XARA designer software package. This can be applied to objects like the blends, text and auto-shape objects.

Step 2: Editing and Manipulating the Editable Shapes

Auto Shapes can be directly edited using the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and the standardized tool set. To convert blends, you will first need to select the Arrange Menu and select the convert to editable shape option. Then, you will proceed to select the blend option you will then need to ungroup them from each other. You can now individually separate and edit each shape that originally made a complete blend group.

Editing text is also a breeze once you have converted it to editable shapes. You can now select individual letters of the text and manipulate or edit them to your liking.