Working with Offline Files in Adobe Premiere

When you are working with Adobe Premiere, you may need to work with offline files. An offline file can be a place where you keep the information for a number of media files that are not currently available. Working with offline files does not mean you have to turn off the Internet, but rather describes those files which are not on your computer's hard drive (but are instead 'somewhere else'). If you need to work with these files, then you can do this easily by using Adobe Premiere, however, there are a few things that you should know about the process before you get completely lost.

Capturing Offline Files

You can use the capture panel to take files from a tape or other device. These files are automatically placed in an Offline file, which will contain the same information as that of the clips, so you can then recapture these clips later. You may also make offline files by hand. You can make this file by clicking on the Import tab in your Adobe Premiere screen. Once you have created these offline files, you can do what you want with them, but the images will not be saved on the original captured file.

Advantages of Offline Files

One of the reasons why offline files are so popular is that they can be used like captured film sequences of slips, but the captured film itself is not yet being manipulated. You can create these files almost like bait for the clips to be captured, as they will be more likely to be captured if you are using an offline file system. You can also recapture film by saving it into a suitable location. You can also capture a lot of clips at the same time using the batch capture method. If you also have a project which requires you to remove your device often, then you may not always have the source file on hand when you want to do some work on it. An offline file means that you can do this work while the device is busy capturing other clips.

Disadvantages of Offline Files

There are also a number of reasons why offline files are unpopular. These kinds of files are not always easy to work with, and it is easy to get confused between the online files, which are permanent, and offline files, which are not. In fact, if you capture a file which already has an offline file, it will replace the corresponding file on your computer, meaning that you may lose a lot of work simply by accidentally uploading the wrong item.

Using Offline Files Regularly

If you are interested in working with offline files, then the good news is that there are many areas of Adobe Premiere which can happily be used with offline files. Once you have made an offline file for your clips, you can recreate them any time you like with a few presses of the button.

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