Win Image Converter: An Overview

Win Image Converter from Pearl Mountain Software is a program for converting image files to various formats and also for making various adjustments to enhance the images. The batch processing feature helps you save a lot of time when you have a number of images to be converted; it is optimized for uploading to various photo sharing websites. The conversion process also supports implementation of multiple operations at one time.

Supports All Popular Image Formats

Win Image Converter supports mutual conversion of 10 popular formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF and others.

Image Optimization

The software provides various controls by which you can enhance the quality of your images by adjusting the brightness, saturation, contrast, grey scale and so on. When you need to upload your photos to various websites, the size and orientation has to be optimized for the website; Image Converter helps you to resize, crop, rotate or flip your images the way you require. All the functions can be executed through the batch mode to save on time and effort.

Simple Interface and Preview

Win Image Converter has a simple interface which facilitates a quick workflow and your job can be done quickly. The menus are uncomplicated and the buttons are explicitly named so a person can start operating this software without any training. The preview window lets you see the changes on your photos in real time as you are doing the edits or implementing various parameters.