Why Use Wondershare Web Gallery for the Mac?

Wondershare Web Gallery is a web photo album program that is made specifically for Mac operating systems. The built-in templates that are included with Wondershare Web Gallery make it extremely easy for you to create a photo gallery that you can upload to the web. This guideline will go over a few of the best features of Wondershare Web Gallery, such as its web photo gallery, flash photo stories and social media website integration.

1. Web Photo Gallery

The best feature of Wondershare Web Gallery is, of course, its web photo gallery. The photo gallery that is created by Wondershare Web Gallery is flash compatible, which means you decide how long each photo is displayed in your gallery. Wondershare Web Gallery also allows you to add captions, descriptions and hyperlinks for all of the photos that are in your gallery.

2. Flash Photo Stories

Do you have dozens or even hundreds of photos that are taken of events or special occasions? If you do, then you know that it can be difficult to decide what to do with those photos. Wondershare Web Gallery comes with multi-templates that you can use to organize your photos into specific categories.

3. Social Media Website Integration

Wondershare Web Gallery makes it easy for you to instantly share your photo gallery on various social media websites. A couple of the social media websites that are integrated with Wondershare Web Gallery include MySpace and Blogger. Simply input your account information into Wondershare Web Gallery and Wondershare Web Gallery will automatically upload your photo gallery for you.