Why Use Snagit for Screen Capture?

It is easy to overuse the Print Screen function when you want to create a photo out of your desktop, but with Snagit screen capture, this method becomes easier. Print Screen, though effective, is not the optimum way to create photo versions of your screens. You will still have to paste it to some photo software, such as Paint, and create a file of it. It also does not allow you to capture the entire website page; you’re limited to capturing the visible area on your screen. This problem is solved with the use of screen capture software, such as Snagit.

Using Snagit over Print Screen

The old Print Screen key on your PC is still effective, but it’s not the most optimum option. Snagit as a plugin has a lot of functions and features that go way beyond simple screen capture. The system is smart and effective, and once installed, you have several hotkeys for different screen capture options. You can indicate which area of the screen you want captured, or the whole visible screen or entire webpage. Also, there’s no need to paste it to another software and rename your file. Every screen capture is automatically saved in a folder.  

Snagit beyond Screen Capture

With a single click, you can also instantly upload your screen captures in a specialized website. Also, not only can you create photo images of the screen, you can also create videos. This is most helpful for creating tutorials and walk-throughs. You can also specifically capture text only. When saved, Snagit allows you to keep the formatting while making different edits to the copy and the text.

Snagit also acts as a very simple photo manipulation tool. You can isolate and crop the images you captured, and create different backgrounds or transparencies out of it. When you’re done with all your screen captures, Snagit has a built-in organizational tool that allows you to categorize and tag your files.