Why Use PTGui for Panaroma?

The PTGui (Panorama Tools Graphical User Interface) is a simple tool that enables you to stitch panoramas using existing pictures on your hard drive. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX platforms. The PTGui is an effective tool when it comes to stitching panoramas. The following features explain why you should be using the PTGui as your tool of choice for panorama shows.

Stitch Multiple Pictures

The PTGui allows you (the end user) to stitch multiple rows of images using an unlimited number of pictures. This facilitates the creation of fully cylindrical panoramas (360 degrees all around). You may also extend this to create planet and spherical panoramas (360x180 degree).

Ease of Usage

The PTGui prevents you from needing to keep the camera absolutely still while taking pictures. This is because the PTGui can stitch images that are either rotated or tilted at an angle.

Unlimited Output Size

An unlimited output size ensures that you can create Gigapixel panoramas by drawing upon hundreds of photographs. You can essentially create a full stadium’s panorama and zoom in to individual spectator faces. The PTGui also allows for complete control over the final result. This is because the software uses layered output.


Most of the panoramas created using the PTGui are created on full automation. They require no user input apart from adding in the pictures and also provide complete manual control over each and every parameter. Hence, you can manually intervene for stitching of difficult scenes while the rest is taken care of by PTGui.