Why Use Pixillion as an Image Converter?

Pixillion is an easy to use image converter that is made by NCH Software. Pixillion is available for download for Windows and Pocket PCs. Pixillion makes it easy for you to convert photos so that you can email them, upload them to the web, or display them on your phone. The features of Pixillion are the reason to use Pixillion as an image converter, so this guideline will go over the bets features of the program.

One Click Converting

The best reason to use Pixillion as an image converter is the fact that Pixillion can convert images with a single click of your mouse. Pixillion supports all popular image file formats, such as PNG, JPG, BMP and RAW. Pixillion even features a batch conversion tool that allows you to convert multiple photos at a single time.

Easy to Use

Pixillion makes it very easy for you to convert your images. Simply drag and drop an image into Pixillion and you will be good to go. Pixillion even allows you to load images directly from a Windows folder, a CD or from a USB drive. If you are converting an image that is not located in Pixillion, simply right click on the image and select Pixillion from the menu.

Program Integration

You can integrate other programs with Pixillion to create the ultimate photo editing program. For example, if you need to edit your photos, you can integrate PhotoPad Picture Editor with Pixillion. Pixillion can even help you burn your photos to a CD or DVD if you integrate Express Burn Disc Burning Software with Pixillion.