Why Use Photopad When Looking for Free Photo Editing Software?

Free photo editing software is a great way to edit and enhance your photographs without spending any money. Photopad is a better choice as compared to others due to the many features that help you to create high quality outputs.


The program has a very easy to use intuitive interface that makes it very easy to quickly edit pictures as per your requirement.

Editing Tools

It has a range of such tools that allow you to crop, flip and rotate images for your composition. You can also edit and modify the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast and other parameters to enhance your images. Also, there is an option through which you can add special effects like sepia tone, gray scale and others. It also enables you to reduce the red eye from images.

Preview and Other Functions

You can preview all the effects before their final application on the images. The software allows for easy deletion of individual effects without disturbing the others that you desire. You can load almost all kinds of image formats and edit them. These functions and others make the Photopad a better option amongst many free photo editing software programs.