Why Use PhotoCleaner?

PhotoCleaner is a computer software program that deals with photo touchups and editing issues. However, it differs from most programs because it doesn’t require users to go through a lot of different steps to fix their images. Instead, it has a one-button process for each kind of correction.

Edits Images

Using PhotoCleaner, even a beginner can get great looking final results since the process is quick and easy. With this program, you just upload your image to the desktop and use the program’s “enhance” tool to adjust the picture. This tool will make the most common adjustments that are needed for a photo all at once, such as color, brightness and contrast. You can change the settings on this tool to get the effect wanted.

If you need to save time, you can use the PhotoCleaner option to work with multiple photos at the same time using what is called a batch file. As the name suggests, it works with a batch of multiple files all at once.

Creates Albums

Besides editing your image files, you can also use PhotoCleaner to make beautiful and simple photo albums. You can also use it to upload your finished products to the Internet so you can share them with others.