Why Use Photobrush to Retouch Photos?

Photobrush is an image editor that is made by Media Chance. Photobrush can also be used as a painting program, a RAW image browser and a photo enhancer. One of the best features of Photobrush is its ability to retouch photos. This guideline will go over a few of the many features of the photo retouch tools that are included with Photobrush, such as red-eye removal, brightness control and the removal of unwanted objects.

1. Red-Eye Removal

Don't you hate when the subject of your photo gets red-eye? Unfortunately, this is common with flash cameras and it is even more prevalent with subjects that are wearing glasses. With Photobrush, you can remove red-eye from the subject of your photo with a single click of your mouse. Many digital editors will turn your subject's eyes grey when you use the red-eye removal tool, but that is not the case with Photobrush.

2. Adjusting Brightness

There is no reason to delete digital photos that are too dark when you have Photobrush. Photobrush features a brightness slider that you can adjust until your photo looks perfect to you. Unlike other image editors, when you adjust the brightness of a photo in Photobrush, your photo won't lose any of its sharpness or detail.

3. Unwanted Objects

There is nothing worse than taking a fantastic photo, only to realize that there is some unwanted object in the foreground or background of the photo. Photobrush allows you to quickly and easily remove that unwanted object. When you remove the object, Photobrush will help you blend the new background so that it fits in with the rest of your photo.