Why Use MegaView?

MegaView is a photo and multimedia viewing program that is made by Xequte Software. MegaView is only compatible with Windows operating systems. If you were to purchase MegaView, you would have an amazing photo and multimedia management program that you could use to browse, view and edit photos and multimedia with ease.


One of the best features of MegaView is the ability of the program to quickly and easily create slideshows that feature audio. Slideshows are a great way of sharing your photos, videos and other multimedia with your friends and family. MegaView even allows you to apply transition and motion effects to your slideshow.

Automatic Batch Processing

You will love MegaView if you are someone that works with hundreds of photos on a weekly basis. MegaView comes with an easy to use automatic batch processing tool. The automatic batch processing tool in MegaView is capable of renaming, editing and converting an unlimited number of photos at a single time. Being able to batch convert images is a huge time saver, as it can often taken 30 seconds or longer to convert a single image by hand.

Photo Retrieval

Depending on the speed of your computer, it can take a long time to retrieve photos from your digital camera and/or scanner. Once you retrieve your photos, you then have to save them to a folder or open them in a program, which just takes more time. With MegaView, you can retrieve photos from your digital camera and scanner with just a single click of your mouse. Simply connect your digital camera to your computer, open up MegaView, and you'll be good to go.