Why Use Golden Videos for VHS to DVD Conversion?

Golden Videos is an easy-to-use VHS to DVD converter that is made by NCH Software. Golden Videos is compatible with any version of Windows that is newer than XP. After taking a look at the features of Golden Videos that will be listed below, there will be no doubt in your mind that Golden Videos is the right VHS to DVD converter for you.

1. Easy to Use

You do not need to possess any technical skills to use Golden Videos. Golden Videos comes with step by step wizards that will guide you through the VHS to DVD conversion process. Golden Videos even automatically detects the end of your VHS so you don't have to monitor the program during the conversion process.

2. Sharing your Memories

Golden Videos makes it easy for you to share the content that is on your VHS tapes. Of course, Golden Videos can help you burn your VHS to a DVD. However, you can also save your VHS so that you can share it on the most popular social media websites, such as Facebook and YouTube. Golden Videos also allows you to save clips from your VHS that you can view on your PSP, iPhone, iPod, or other mobile device.

3. Restoring Movies

The content that is on your VHS was probably recorded by an analog device, which means the quality may not be the best. During the conversion process, Golden Videos will automatically correct any defects that are found so that the quality of your movie is improved. Golden Videos even includes restoration tools that you can use to improve the sharpness and brightness of your movie before you burn it to DVD.