Why Use Broadcam for Video Streaming Software?

Broadcam is a great program to use for video streaming software. Using Broadcam enables you to both stream and broadcast live video directly over the Internet. This program is compatible with Windows operating systems only. The below key features of Broadcam should convince you to use the program for your video streaming needs.

Viewing Video Streams

Broadcam enables others to view your streaming video from any web browser as long as they have the most updated Flash plugin. If not, your live video can still be viewed directly from Windows Media Player, which is included with all Windows computers at no cost.

Streaming Sources

Like most video streaming programs, Broadcam allows you to stream the footage that is being captured by your webcam. However, you can also use Broadcam to stream video directly from your computer screen or any other video intput, which makes Broadcam both a great educational and business tool.

Pre-Recorded Files

You don't have to use Broadcam to just stream live video if you don't want to. If you know you are going to be away from your computer for awhile, you can use Broadcam to stream video files that you have previously recorded.