Why Use AutoStitch for Panoramic Photos?

Autostitch is perfect for creating panoramic photos. These photos are images stitched or connected together to form one long picture of a specific landscape or area. The AutoStich program is probably one of the best stitching programs made available online. Here are some of its unique features to prove it:

Easy to Use

There’s hardly anything difficult about using AutoStitch. Download the free version, install it in your computer, drop your photos into the interface and press start. That’s it. Just wait for AutoStitch to connect all your pictures into one big image easily and speedily.

Easily Accessible

Due to the fact that AutoStitch is still being tested by its creators, David Lowe and Matthew Brown as managed by the University of British Columbia’s Liason Office, it has a free downloadable version that can be used as long as any images that uses this program gives proper credit to AutoStitch. It is also available in other commercial programs which are Calico, Serif PanoramaPlus and AutoPano Pro.

Online Information

There are several online sites where you can view the images created by AutoStitch, along with important information about it. Check out the Q & As of their official webpage for more useful details about the beta version of AutoStitch.