Why Use Automask for Masking Density?

AutoMask is a useful plug-in for programs like Photoshop and Corel PaintShop that features numerous features that help graphic designers and photographers modify images to their liking.

Why Automask is the best choice for existing graphic software?

The most appreciated features of AutoMask 4.6, which is the latest version of the above mentioned plug-in, are the following:

1. The Global Density Mask

The density mask has the property of complete coverage. This means that it occurs over the entire selected area and, as a plus, it can create masks on those areas. The Global Density Mask offers several colors to pick from (RGB or CMYK) in order to create the new mask.

2. The Local Brush Density Mask

Users can make a sample the image using the DBP tool; this is the so-called density brush picker and it automatically build a mask along the edge of the subject. The possibility to choose the color for the mask is also included in this tool, but attention is highly recommended when choosing the color and sampling the image as there is no “undo” button. Ortunately, the user can create an unlimited number of readings.

3. Advanced Masking Tools

AutoMask is a real time saver when it comes to working on layers with difficult subjects like, trees, furr, transparencies, hair, smoke, blurred edges and many more.