Why Use Alien Skin Exposure to Edit Photos?

Alien Skin Exposure is a great choice if you are looking for a photo editing program. Unlike many other photo editing programs, the tools that are provided by Alien Skin Exposure make your photos look like they were edited by actual humans. The below features are the reason that you should use Alien Skin Exposure to edit photos.


Alien Skin Exposure comes with over 500 presets. You can use the presets that come with Alien Skin Exposure to create perfectly edited photos. A few of the presets that are included with Alien Skin Exposure include black and white films, infrared, color toning and cinema. Alien Skin Exposure even provides videos that give you a tour of their presets.

Easy to Use

Many photo editing programs are difficult to use. That is not the case with Alien Skin Exposure. The entire user interface of Alien Skin Exposure has been redesigned to make it better and faster than ever. To make your life easier, comments are included with many of the factory default settings of Alien Skin Exposure that explain the purpose of the setting.

Non-Destructive Editing

In many instances, you might only have a single copy of the image that you are editing. When you make changes to a image, Alien Skin Exposure does not touch the original image. Instead, the changes that you make will be rendered on a new layer, which leaves your original image untouched. With Alien Skin Exposure, it is easy to experiment with the photos that you are editing.