Why Use Akvis Retoucher?

Akvis Retoucher is an easy to use photo retouching and photo restoration program. Akvis Retoucher is compatible with both Mac and Windows based computers. Of course, you would want to use Akvis Retoucher because of its features, so this guideline will go over the best features of Akvis Retoucher. A free 10 day trial of Akvis Retoucher is also available if you decide to give the program a go.

Retouching Photos

Akvis Retoucher is one of the best photo retouching programs on the market. With Akvis Retoucher, there is no such thing as a bad photo. Akvis Retoucher can quickly and easily remove stains, dust, scratches and other debris from your photos. Best of all, Akvis Retoucher will retouch your photos automatically, which means less work for you.

Photo Restoration

There are not many good photo restoration programs available on the market. Some of the ones that are good are very difficult to use. With Akvis Retoucher, you simply indicate what needs to be restored in your photo and Akvis Retoucher will handle the rest. If there are any parts missing from your photo, Akvis Retoucher can easily reconstruct that portion of the photo for you.

Photo Composition

Akvis Retoucher is also a great photo composition program. Unlike many photo retouching and restoration programs, Akvis Retoucher is able to remove date stamps, people and other irrelevant details from your photos. If you are looking to bring the main subject of your photo into focus by increasing the canvas size of the photo itself, Akvis Retoucher can even help you keep the sharpness and detail of your photo as you extend the photo to fit the new canvas size.