Why Upgrade Your CamFrog?

CamFrog is a chat program that allows users of the online community to interact and build a friendly and same-minded roster of contacts. The company has been promoting CamFrog Pro to users for some time now, and it’s for these reasons below that more and more people are willing to pay for this exclusive membership.

Multiple Video Windows

With up to one hundred video windows playable simultaneously, CamFrog users are still assured of the video quality and speed of every screen. Multiple chat windows in other websites and programs slow down with even three active partners, but CamFrog assures CamFrog Pro members that there is little to no lag or scarring.

Sending Files

It’s very tedious and discouraging to have to send files from a different program while chatting. Why not send files to other Pro users while typing a conversation? This works even with firewall and routers, so be sure to keep your virus protection updated and secure.

Remote Access

Keep a watchful eye on your room even when you’re not using a surveillance camera. CamFrog Pro allows access to your webcam from other computers with very fast video streaming. This also allows a time log of recent messages when you were out.