Why Pick Arasoft Slide Show Creator?

Arasoft Slide Show Creator can be used as a very simple way of creating slide shows. These slide shows can be a great way to catalog and remember all of your memories. It's also a good way to show photos or important information to other people.


Any photographs including wedding or holiday photographs can be converted easily into a slideshow. All of these photographs can be put in the same slide show, which makes it very easy to show other people. These slide shows can be sent by email or even burned onto a DVD disk if you prefer.

Screen Saver

Once you have made your slide show, it's then possible to use it as a screensaver on your computer. It's also possible to send the screen saver to your family and friends to share your memories.


If you're not sure whether the software is right for everything you need, then you may want to download the free trial. The trial from the Internet can be used to help you understand how the software can work.


Background music can be added to the slide show presentation. It's possible to create a list of tracks which are played one after the other.

Easy to Use

The software is very easy to use and is in fact one of the simplest slide show applications available. This makes it very quick and easy to add photos and music to the slideshow.