Why Noise Ninja is Great Noise Reduction Software

Noise Ninja is currently the most reliable software solution to reduce grain and noise from a digital photograph and even from scanned films. The combined levels of effectiveness and productivity make it a must-have for any amateur or professional photographer who shoots images in either fast action or low light conditions. The tool can cover the entire spectrum of photography: event coverage, wedding, sports and news. Almost anywhere you use high ISO photography, noise comes as a part of the package. Noise Ninja keeps this from happening.

About Noise Ninja

Noise Ninja goes for a two-pronged approach that causes a significant reduction in the noise levels of a photograph, while preserving the important details in the image. This causes a considerable improvement in the overall image quality. This can also be put to use to generate clean and smooth enlargements of low-ISO images.

Additional Features

Noise Ninja is not a simple noise reduction tool. Rather, it is a complete workflow solution that you can use to quickly get to the end results you need. Its tool set comprises of: camera-specific profiles, automatic and manual noise analysis, and the Noise Brush. Depending upon your needs, you can either go for a single click automated solution or the full treatment that provides a great deal of interactive control.

Noise Ninja is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It can function as a standalone unit or as a plug-in for popular image and photo manipulation software like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Aperture and iPhoto. For Linux, the software works as a stand alone only.