Why Join FotoFix?

FotoFix is a company that allows you to upload photos that they will fix for you. FotoFix has a full staff of photo enhancement artists that will make the changes that you requested to your photo. You can get one free fix with FotoFix, so you have nothing to lose by creating a free membership and giving the service a go.

1. Submitting Photos

FotoFix makes it easy for you to submit your photos that need to be fixed. You can simply use the upload tool on the FotoFix website to upload photos directly from your computer. FotoFix also allows you to email your photos. If you have time to spare, FotoFix can even arrange to pick your photos up from your house.

2. Available Services

FotoFix can quickly and easily fix big and small photo imperfections. Image editing services that are offered by FotoFix range from red eye removal to blemish removal to weight reduction to photo restoration. With FotoFix, you simply purchase credits and the services that are offered have a fixed credit price. For example, for a single credit you would get red eye removal, image crop and color correction.

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you submit a photo to FotoFix that needs to be fixed, you should get an email in 24 hours or less with the fixed image. The email will display both the old image and the fixed image so you can see the changes that were made. If you are not happy with your fixed image, simply let FotoFix know and they will fix the image until you are completely satisfied.