Why Fotofinish Is Great for Beginners

Fotofinish is a digital photo-editing software program you can use for your digital camera to create, revise and then print beautiful projects like scrapbooks or albums. It’s also shareware, so you can download it at no cost. Here are some reasons why this program is great for beginners:

Enhances Digital Image Files

FotoFinish lets you optimize your images by editing them to fix that annoying red eye issue that is caused by the flash of your camera, add special effects or use the images to create photo pages, an advertisement flyer or another creation. It comes with several templates to choose from, or you can go online to the company's website to find more. The website has free graphic art that you can use without fear of copyright rules.

Works with Email and Internet

After you have created your project, FotoFinish will guide you through getting your project into the right format for emailing it or uploading it to a website or sharing pages. It even gives you a free website to use along with the program itself.

Includes Tutorials and Customer Support

The software includes free customer support as part of the bargain on the company's website, even if you just use the free trial version of the program. There is a list of hints and tips, tutorials and other customer support related items on the FotoFinish website that you can access.