Why Download Picasa Software?

Picasa Software can be used to upload your photos to the Internet and keep them safe. This is a useful way to protect your photos and prevent them from getting lost if your camera or mobile phone is damaged.


Anyone who signs up for Googles Picasa service receives 1GB of free storage space. This is plenty of space for people to store most of their image collection.

Although free members receive 1GB, it's possible to upgrade your account. For $500 per year, you can have 400 GB of storage space which is enough for even the most prolific photographer.


Google Picasa is more than just a image hosting site. It is a fully featured image editing application. Picasa makes it very simple to edit and manipulate images.

Easy to Use

Picasa software is very simple and easy to use. It has a nice tabbed user interface which can be used to select between different options. You can choose My Photos, Favorites and also select Explore. There is also a large upload button which you can click to upload your photos.

Public Photo Album

Clicking Explore will allow you to view the public photo library. This can be a great way to have fun looking at other photos.

Uploading Images

When you upload images, you can set various privacy levels. This makes it easy to restrict who can look at the different photos. The application makes it very simple to manage your Picasa account on your home computer. This is much simpler than having to open your web browser every time.