Why Download MainActor?

MainActor is a video-image editing computer software program compatible with Windows and LINUX. It is made up of five sections, which work with the video files to edit and correct them: Sequencer, Video Edit, Video Capture, DV Capture and Video Out. Although these components work together, each is actually its own little editing software package that can work independently as well as together with the other four.

Series of Events

Using the sequencer option, you can do things like pop in an image or video file, add some text in either 2D or 3D, throw in a new audio file or perform other operations. After you have completed the tasks you want to add, the new file can be saved to several different graphic formats.

Video Editor Option

The Video Editor Option includes more features with the Windows version of the program. However, both versions can do things like create and edit animation. You can also choose just a single frame or many frames to edit. In the Windows version, you can import other features into the file or export them out to other programs to edit.

Capture Files from Digital Devices

Using the DV and video capture functions, you can import video or graphics straight from your camera, scanner or video camcorder. The only drawback is that this program only supports analog video and can’t be used with high definition video or photo file formats.