Why Download Image Enhance?

Image Enhance is a free image-editing computer software program compatible with Windows 95 or higher for PCs. It works through a user-friendly drag and drop method to optimize, correct and add effects to your image files. Here are some reasons to download Image Enhance:

Supports Multiple Formats

Image Enhance includes support for graphic file formats such as bitmap and jpegs. You can use it on them to optimize the image through various filters and masks, as well as different special effects. It also lets you create your own filters for the program. Plus, when it comes to the equipment you can use it with, it supports webcams, scanners and digital cameras.

Creates Special Effects

This program can perform several different kinds of tweaking and special effects. Included are things like sharpening the image, adjusting the contrast, converting color to grayscale, turning the photo image upside down, restoring old photos or making a new photo look like an old photo.

Includes a Retouch Tool

Image Enhance users have the option of taking the programs retouch tool and getting rid of imperfections in their image files. You can use it to remove items from an image and clone the area so that you never knew the item was there. For instance, if you have the seemingly perfect photo of your child swinging in the park, but the top of the swing chain looks like it is sticking out of his head, you can use the retouch tool to move it over or clone it out of the photo.