Why Download Focus Magic?

Focus Magic is a computer software program that can be used to un-blur a photographic image and get back details that were previously lost or unreadable. It can fix images that are out of focus and make them clear again.

Restores Old Photos

Focus Magic is a sharpening program that can bring back photos you thought were ruined forever through its forensic un-blurring technology. Even if you think it is impossible to correct the imperfections, it is worth trying this modern and amazing program.

Can Be Used as Photo Editing Plug-in/Stand Alone

This software can work alongside programs like Adobe Photoshop for both Windows and Mac computer, or it works perfectly well by itself as a standalone program. It has several more functions that can be used when it is employed as a plug-in than when used as a free running program. If used as a plug in, the program will appear in that program’s menu as an option to use it.

Determines the Kind of Blur

Focus Magic can let you know whether the blurriness in your image is caused by the camera being unsteady or by too much motion in the subject itself. You can tell the difference by the way the pixels in the image are affected. You can then either sharpen the whole image or just zoom in on a section you want to fix. For example, if you had an unreadable sign in your image and just wanted to sharpen up the sign so it could be read better, you would just zoom in on that portion of the image and correct it.