Why Download 3D Combine?

3D Combine is a computer software program that helps you to change 2D movies and photos into 3D versions. Plus, you don’t have to buy any additional tools or gear to complete your new creations or have to learn any hard directions. Here are some reasons to download this program:

Tutorials and Examples Included

3D Combine comes with preloaded example pictures to show you what it can accomplish with your photos and videos. Along with the samples, there are tutorials to show you what to do. It is a very user-friendly program that gives you step-by-step instructions, as well as the option to sign onto YouTube and watch tutorials.

Includes Batch Conversion Capability

The program saves you time because you can work with several video or photo files at once, as well as change back and forth between the available 3D formats. These files can be batched together and processed together automatically.

Includes Picture Editing and Corrections

3D Combine can be used to fix up any picture files that aren’t perfect and need to be edited or corrected before transforming them into 3D versions. This ensures that your ending product does not contain photos that are out of focus, for instance, or those that are otherwise in need of editing.

Supports Five 3D Methods

This programs supports five different 3D methods including parallel, 8/9 tile, DLP, interlaced, anaglyph and above/below formats. 3D Combine also gives you access to existing 3D photos in case you want to use them in your current presentations.