Why Buy PhotoFit for Panoramic Photos?

Photofit makes it easy to make panoramic photos. It's possible to take panoramic photos with any camera without the need for specialist software. Actually, all you need to do is take a series of photos that are close to each other. Then you can use any photo editing package to stitch them together manually.

The problem with this technique is that it's time consuming and difficult to do accurately. That's why many people are using software such as Photofit 4 Panorama.

Vertical and Horizontal

Photofit makes it possible to take photos both vertically and horizontally. This makes it easy to not only create panoramic photos, but also larger pictures which have lots more detail. These are perfect for photographing large buildings and landscapes.


The best feature about Photofit is that it is very simple to use. You can simply load a folder of the images into the application and it will automatically arrange them. For this to work properly the photos should be overlapping by about one third.

If needed there are lots of editing tools which can be used to touch up the photo. This can help you to rearrange the photos so that they fit together properly.

Types of Panorama

Photofit 4 panorama makes it possible to create a number of different types of panoramic photos. These include seamless panoramas, single, wide and large panoramic photos. When the photo has been generated it can then be exported as a JPEG image file.

Using the Panoramic Photo

Once you are happy with the panoramic photo you can then print it out or upload it to the internet. If you are printing then you will need to use panoramic paper for best results. The file size will be very large which means you might not be able to upload it to all web hosts.