Why Buy Nik Sharpener Pro?

Nik Sharpener Pro is image sharpening technology. It works great with popular software like Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture. Most photographers, artists and other professionals in the field require some guess work for the finishing touches and a superior resulting image. This featured product is so advanced that it negates the need for the user’s guesswork. Some of the features of this sharpener are discussed below.

U Point Technology

This technology lets you freely, precisely and selectively sharpen an image without having to go through the complex methods, layers and masks. It also blends the changes or improvisations made to the image, so the image looks natural.


Many times, there are minute discrepancies in an image that are not readily visible. The Nik Sharpener Pro has creative sharpening tools, enabling you to enhance these minute and subtle discrepancies in an image. This, applied with control points, help you to work on specific areas throughout the image.

RAW Presharpener

This feature is very helpful because it enhances a photograph or an image without causing an increase in noise or other details. Also, it helps negate the potential distortion caused when an image is captured (or due to techniques like the digital noise reduction).

Smart Filter Support

This product supports the Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects. These allow you to add finishing touches to the enhanced images, even after they have been applied.